Here are some of the different enemies that are in Heroes of Destiny. So please add enemies that aren't already on here, and give details! Please  keep details/ definitions as short as one paragraph, so this page isn't overloaded. I wouldn't want to make a page for every enemy! So happy editing/ detail finding! ;)

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Gnolls Edit

Gnolls are these weird furry things in the lower levels.


Gnoll spearman

Lizard MenEdit

A tribe of "men" who appear in the game when you reach Sendra. There are Healers, Sword fighters, and Archers, all from this tribe.

Lizardman and ogres

Lizardman with two Ogres


There are some that bite, and some shoot pools of venom at your heroes.



A race of pesky fighters who have healers, hand-cannoneers, and meele fighters.


Boss goblin